Thursday, 24 October 2013

budget budget

accidentally googling about budget, then google brought u here??
tot so!

the sound of the vacuum cleaner really make me sick!

talking about budget..
aku mule trasa sngt berdebar2 takot budget burst!

okay, i am getting married in a week time!
less meeting n less argument i guess!
Najib is being bz with his overload works..
poor lil guy! 
and i'm kinda miss hanging around him very much..
it's better to avoid sometimes rather than having miscommunication all the times sbb i believe both of us sngt stress with the envi nowadays..
seminggu je lagi!!!

erm..talking about budget..
the budget is so tight..
harap2 cukup untuk kesemua kesederhanaan yg telah d rancang..

lps next week over, nak pikir kan majlis sebelah najib pulak!

okay la..
till then..

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